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Take A Hike
Posted on May 21, 2013

While visiting the Codroy Valley, Port aux Basques and surrounding areas be sure to enjoy the many hiking opportunities the area offers. Part of the Long Range Mountains a hike on Starlite Trail in Codroy Valley or Table Mountain Trail in Cape Ray will prove to be a worthwhile venture. For those who would like [...]

Isle aux Morts Celebrating the Folk Dinner Theatre
Posted on May 21, 2013

As a prelude to the Feather and Folk Festival this event will be held Wednesday May 29th at the Hairyman’s Safe Haven Café & Craft Shop in the Isle aux Morts Community Center, The Granite Coast Route 470. Enjoy a Pork Chop Dinner with all the fixings followed by an Old Time Community Concert featuring [...]

In Our Backyard
Posted on May 18, 2013

Indian Head Range forms the ‘basement rocks’ to western Newfoundland. They formed as a result of mountain building during the assembly of the supercontinent Rodinia. They are on average between 1.3 and 1 billion years old and the oldest rocks found within the island portion of the province. There were 2 attempts to mine iron [...]

Food & Lodging


Rose Blanche


Hook Line & Sinker B&B
1 Lighthouse Road, Rose Blanche, NL, A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)956-2005

The Friendly Fisherman Café
Tel: (709)956-2022


Isle aux Mort


Lillington’s Housekeeping Units
Isle aux Morts, NL, A0M 1J0
Tel: (709)698-3889




Midway Motel
Trans Canada hwy, Robinsons, NL, A0N 1V0
Tel: (709)645-2650

Sunny Hollow Cottages
454 A Robinsons Road, Robinsons, NL, A0N 1V0
Tel: (709)645-3916/(709)546-2029

Cliffside Cottages
Robinsons, NL, A0N 1V0
Tel: (709)645-2665

Pirate’s Hideaway Restaurant
Tel: (709)645-2770 or (877)995-2771




Codroy Valley Cottage Country
6 km off highway on route 406, Doyles, NL, A0N 1J0
Tel: (709)955-2720

Martin’s Cabins
Upper Ferry, Doyles, NL, A0N 1J0
Tel: (709)955-2866

MacLellan Inn/Thackery Suites
Doyles, NL, A0N 1J0
Tel: (709)955-2535




Seashore Restaurant
Tel: (709)695-3751


Codroy Valley


Codroy Café
Tel: (709)955-3131

Joe’s Country Café
Tel: (709)955-2866

Hynes’ Chicken Villa
Tel: (709)955-3313

Silver Sands
Tel: (709)955-2500


St. Davids


Maidstone Inn
760 Maidstone Road,Maidstone, St. Davids, NL, A0N 1X0
Tel: (709)645-2671


Port aux Basques


Oceanview B&B
2 Regional Street,Channel Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)695-7461

Caribou B&B
Grand Bay East,Port aux Basques,NL, A0N 1K0
Tel: (709)695-3408

Heritage Home B&B
Port aux Basques, NL, A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)695-3240

Hotel Port aux Basques
Channel Port aux Basques, NL, A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)695-2171

St. Christopher’s Hotel
146 Caribou Road, Port aux Basques, NL, A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)695-3500/(800)563-4779

Shark Cove Suites
16 Currie Avenue, Port aux Basques, NL, A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)695-3831/(709)695-8198

Radio Station Inn
Channel Port aux Basques, NL, A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)695-2906

Alma’s Family Restaurant
Tel: (709)695-3813

Bob’s Chicken Coop
Tel: (709)695-2762

Greco/Harbour Restaurant
Tel: (709)695-3238

Mary Brown’s
Tel: (709)695-3030

Pizza Delight
Tel: (709)695-9797

Tel: (709)695-9898

Tai Hong Restaurant
Tel: (709)695-3116

Tim Hortons
Tel: (709)695-1978


St. Theresa


Oceanside B&B
St. Theresa, NL A0N 1Z0
Tel: (709)647-3137/(709)649-7359




RiverWood House & Cottages
McKay’s,NL, A0N 1G0
Tel: (709)645-2376/(709)645-2353

Pirates Hideaway Inn
215 Robinsons Road, McKays, NL, A0N 1J0
Tel: (709)645-2770/(709)645-2791




Crabbes River Irving
Tel: (709)645-2244

Steel Mountain Ultramar Restaurant
Tel: (709)647-3926




Holiday Inn
Campbell Avenue, 44 Queen Street,Stephenville, NL, A2N 2M5
Tel: (709)643-6666

DreamCatcher’s Lodge & Cottages
14 Main Street, Stephenville, NL, A2N 1H2
Tel: (709)643-6655

Hotel Stephenville
10 Orgon Drive, Stephenville, NL, A2N 2Z4
Tel: (709)643-5176

Keyano Motel
186 Corner of Queen and Hansen Highway,Stephenville, NL, A2N 1W5
Tel: (709)643-4600

Lendale Inn
218 Seal Cove Road, Stephenville Crossing, NL, A0N 2C0
Tel: (709)646-2773/(709)638-3734

Airport Café
Tel: (709)643-9463

Castaway’s Grub & Pub
Tel: (709)643-7725

Chateau Family Restaurant
Tel: (709)643-2673

Chester Fried Chicken
Tel: (709)643-3812

Woodies Restaurant
Tel: (709)643-6655

Domino Pizza House
Tel: (709)643-2742

Hong Kong Restaurant
Tel: (709)643-8393

Kay’s Country Restaurant
Tel: (709)644-2300

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Tel: (709)643-5179

Mary Browns
Tel: (709)643-5153

McDonald’s Restaurant
Tel: (709)643-6465

Pizza Delight
Tel: (709)643-3000

Sun Luck Restaurant
Tel: (709)643-3022

Tim Hortons
Tel: (709)643-6000

Wheeler’s Steak House
Tel: (709)643-9398


St. Andrews


Mountain Heavinn B&B
Loch Lomond Road, St. Andrew’s, NL, A0M 1C0
Tel: (709)955-3154


St. Georges


Henrietta’s Hospitality Home
Main Street, St. Georges, NL A0N 1Z0
Tel: (709)647-3428

Adventure X Lodge
10 Station Road, St. George’s, NL, A0N 1Z0
Tel: (709)647-3580/(709)649-1980

Steel Mountain Inn
1 Flat Bay Brook, St. Georges, NL, A0N 1Z0
Tel: (709)647-3462/(709)649-2737

The Palace Inn
2 School Road,St. Georges, NL, A0N 1Z0
Tel: (709)647-1377/(877)999-1377


Black Duck Siding


Dhoon Lodge
Black Duck Siding, NL, A0N 2C0
Tel: (709)646-5177/(709)646-2976




Wood N’ B&B
168 Kippen’s Road, Kippens, NL, A2N 1B6
Tel: (709)643-5719/(709)643-6060


Port au Port


Nana’s Take Out
Tel: (709)648-2500




Sea Breeze Restaurant
Tel: (709)642-5481


Cape St. George


Felix B&B
1030 Oceanview Drive, Cape St. George, NL, A0N 1T1
Tel: (709)644-2936/(709)644-2639

Inn at the Cape
1250 Oceanview Drive , Cape St. George, NL, A0N 1E0
Tel: (709)644-2273

Kay’s Country B&B
1017 Oceanview Drive, DeGrau, NL, A0N 1T1
Tel: (709)644-2300/(709)644-2843


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