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Take A Hike
Posted on May 21, 2013

While visiting the Codroy Valley, Port aux Basques and surrounding areas be sure to enjoy the many hiking opportunities the area offers. Part of the Long Range Mountains a hike on Starlite Trail in Codroy Valley or Table Mountain Trail in Cape Ray will prove to be a worthwhile venture. For those who would like [...]

Isle aux Morts Celebrating the Folk Dinner Theatre
Posted on May 21, 2013

As a prelude to the Feather and Folk Festival this event will be held Wednesday May 29th at the Hairyman’s Safe Haven Café & Craft Shop in the Isle aux Morts Community Center, The Granite Coast Route 470. Enjoy a Pork Chop Dinner with all the fixings followed by an Old Time Community Concert featuring [...]

In Our Backyard
Posted on May 18, 2013

Indian Head Range forms the ‘basement rocks’ to western Newfoundland. They formed as a result of mountain building during the assembly of the supercontinent Rodinia. They are on average between 1.3 and 1 billion years old and the oldest rocks found within the island portion of the province. There were 2 attempts to mine iron [...]


Gas Stations

Codroy Valley

Mountainside General Store – PO Box 69, A0N 1J0,
Tel: 955-2460

E. W Gale Ltd
PO Box 8, RR#1,Site 3, Doyles, A0N 1J0
Tel: 955-2440

Valley Service Station
PO Box 85, Doyles, A0N 1J0,
Tel; 955-2866

Isle aux Morts

Hatcher’s Gas Bar
26 Route 470, P.O. Box 169, Isle aux Morts, A0N 1J0
Tel: 698-3333

Port aux Basques

Irving Mainway
1 High Street, PO Box 1178, Port aux Basques, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695- 9898

North Atlantic
20 High Street, PO Box 1493, Port aux Basques, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695-3492

Terry’s Ultramar
40 High Street, PO Box 996, Port aux Basques, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695 7212

Trans Canada Highway

Crabbes River Irving
PO Box 39, A0N 1J0
Tel: 645-2244

Steel Mountain Ultramar
PO Box 429, A0N 1Z0
Tel: 647-3926


Kountry Korner
PO Box 91, A0N 1G0
Tel: 645-2770


Canadian Tire Gas Bar
17 Main Street
Tel: 643-5611

Indian Head Co-op Gas Bar
50 Carolina Avenue
Tel: 643-6382

Stephenville Ultramar & Gas Bar
Main Street
Tel: 643-6022

Stephenville Crossing

Irving Mainway
2 Main Street, A0N 2C0
Tel: 646-5356


Mainland Enterprises
PO Box 142-A RR#1, A0N 1R0
Tel: 642-5060

Port au Port

Port au Port Gas Bar
Main Road, PO Box 460, A0N 1T0

Convenience Stores

Port aux Basques

C & G Variety
82 Regional Street, Port aux Basques, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695-3313

East End Convenience
30 Legallis St. Port aux Basques, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695- 7914

First Choice Convenience
12-14 Main Street, PO Box 909, Port aux Basques
Tel: 695-7474

Grand Bay Mini Mart
119 Grand Bay Road, PO Box 273, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695-7726

Main St. Convenience
78 Main Street, PO Box 1347, Port aux Basques, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695-3800

Irving Mainway
Main Street, A0M 1C0
Tel: 695-9898


D Carroll’s Convenience
PO Box 7 Site 2, Margaree, A0M 1C0
Tel: 698-3847

Rose Blanche

Darlene’s Groceteria
Rose Blanche, PO Box 129, A0M 1P0
Tel: 956-2615

T & T Variety
21 Tunnel Road, PO Box 177, Rose Blanche, A0M 1P0
Tel: 956-2204

Isle aux Morts

Highway Convenience
52 Route 470, PO Box 281, Isle aux Morts, A0M 1J0
Tel: 698-3881
M & R Convenience
14A Water Street, PO Box 148, Isle aux Morts, A0M 1J0
Tel: 698-3579

Codroy Valley

Gillis Brothers
RR#1, PO Box 106, A0N 1J0
Tel: 955-3030

Valley Pharmacy/Convenience
Doyles, PO Box 89, A0N 1J0
Tel: 955-2398

MacIssac & Sons
Route 407, PO Box 18, Codroy Valley, A0N 1W0,
Tel: 955-2770

Moore Variety
PO Box 32, Codroy Valley, A0N 1H0
Tel: 955-2550

Burnt Islands

Harveys Clover Farm
PO Box 203, Burnt Islands, A0M 1B0
Tel: 698-3290

Cape Ray

Twin Mountain Variety
69 Main Street, PO Box 58, Cape Ray, A0N 1C0
Tel: 695- 7728

West Bay

Betty’s Grocery & Confectionary
General Delivery, A0N 2E0
Tel: 642-5338

Three Rock Cove

Johnny’s Grocery
68 Main Street, Box 69, A0N 1R0
Tel: 642-5554

Cape St George

Ozzie’s Store
1102 Oceanview Drive, Box 111, A0N 1E0
Tel: 644-2022


Parkview Variety
Box 268-C RR#2, A0N 1T0

Red Brook

Red Brook Variety
621 Oceanview Drive, A0N 1T1
Tel: 644-2733


Needs Convenience
5 Kippen’s Road
Tel: 643-3373


J & N Variety
430 Massachusetts Drive, A2N 3C2
Tel: 643-2800

Georgia Convenience
83 Georgia Drive, A2N 2T6
Tel: 643- 4141

Lee’s Snacks & Confectionary
116 Queen Street
Tel: 643-4590

Sweet Shop
122 Queen Street, A2N 2N7
Tel: 643-3812

Wayne’s Variety
25 Front Road, P. O. Box 40, A0N 1T0
Tel: 648-2663


Heatherton Mini Mart
141 Main Street, A0N 1M0
Tel: 645-2840


Star Variety
Main Road, PO Box 12, A0N 1P0
Tel: 645-2012

St. Georges

Midtown Variety
192 Main Street, PO Box 547, A0N 1Z0

Stephenville Crossing

Newmac Confectionary
Hospital Road, A0N 2C0
Tel: 646-5300


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